Monday, June 01, 2009

SOTD: Ambre Fetiche

I had a long weekend on Saturday I met up with my boyfriend's friends and on Sunday I had dinner with my boyfriend's mother and stepfather, and I am having one of those Monday's where I want a weekend for my weekend. So I am going to spend the day in Annick Goutal's somewhat subdued amber, Ambre Fetiche, strangely esoteric and yet also very animalic. 

On the bright note I made a delicious raspberry nectarine crisp yesterday for dinner and it went over very well. I used Mark Bittman's crisp recipe and made a few adjustments added more sugar because the nectarines were on th tart side and salt to the crisp topping (why do so many recipes for crisps forget this vital ingredient? Salt is what brings out that delicious golden buttery crispy goodness.). 
image provided by
image: Luna by Edward Charles Halle 


Perfumeshrine said...

Hi J! How are you honey?
Love your recipe, and I agree the salt brings out the flavour in desserts very well.
Love MF too!
Hope you get to rest a bit today :-)

Jenavira13 said...

Hey Helg,
Doing well and I always think salt is the secret ingredient.

Rose said...

salt is wonderful... in perfume... in food...

Ambre Fetiche is such a good name no? Annick Goutal are putting out some great stuff lately aren't they, the line is really on a roll. I still haven't been to the stand alone store in London but when I do I think I'm going to gift myself one of these 3 or your beloved matin one!

Jenavira13 said...

Annick Goutal is right now quickly becoming one of my favorite fragrance houses.