Monday, January 22, 2007

Just a little perfume quiz which is surprisingly right

Your Fragrance Profile
The best calming fragrance: vanillaThe best fragrance for everyday wear: orangeThe best fragrance to boost your sex appeal: lavenderThe best fragrance for energy: pine

The irony the one fragrance that definately has lavender is Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely and it is the one that Francisco complements me the most on. And I do wear a ton of vanilla. As for orange well I love orange blossom scents. The pine I really couldn't say much about.


Rita said...

I got the exact same results.

Jennifer said...

I suspect this quiz explains why we have been friends for so long :-P.

perfume tester said...
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obsession-perfume said...

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pheromone cologne said...

Interesting this perfume quiz good that you shared this. Will certainly visit yours site more often now.