Saturday, January 27, 2007

Eating expensive tropical fruit...

So here it is the exotic and delicious cherimoya (as shown above)

The uniquely fleshed White Sapote (as shown above)

So as things go I stopped at Safeway a few days ago and because I love roaming around the produce section and seeing what is new and interesting I spotted these two unique and expensive tropical fruits. I knew immediately was the scaley looking one was, a cherimoya, for a few years now I have been dreaming about trying a cherimoya, they have a following (a bit of a secret organization for a fruit, intensely delicious yet no one talks about it), and well a few years ago I read an article about them, and ever since then I've been wanting to get my hands on one. I finally did and yes what an incredible flavor, something of creamy peach with a hint of strawberry, and bizarrely enough I was getting a hint of saffron in flavor. Basically this is the lobster/filet mignon of the fruit world. I bought one and now I really want to buy another.

On to the White sapote, also known as the custard apple with good reason. I will admit I wasn't to entranced with the flavor, a hit of sweet grass with cucumber, and avocado, but the texture on this thing is killer. What a lovely creaminess, not as creamy as an avocado, but this is the only other fruit that I actually say is creamy. I also only bought one.

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