Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ava Luxe Tea Rose

(tea rose http://www.lynsnow.com/tea_rose.html)

I figured I needed to do a fragrance review considering I haven't done one in so long, so out of my box of samples I chose Ava Luxe's Tea Rose. Her note listing for the scent is: tea rose and green notes. The scent is pungent as is to be expected with tea rose scents, it has a hint of spice but overall tea rose scents have always smelled slightly lemony to me with a hint of airy notes. I consider them the original precursor to Calvin Klein's Eternity (which to me is a tea rose scent amped up with white flowers and ozone notes and all together headache inducing). This one luckly is not headache inducing. As the scent enters its middle stage in takes on an almost indolic quality (think there must be a little jasmine in this blend), it then drys down to a green musk laced with rose. The image that pops up into my head for this for a young wannabee hippie girl who doesn't want to wear patchouli oil but wants to wear some oil and so she chooses this. Just not a scent for me, although I do remember once mixing it with Egyptian musk oil and finding the combo quite nice.

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