Saturday, May 06, 2006

Raspberry Yogurt Cake

Well this is the first time showing one of my creations here it is:
My Raspberry Yogurt Cake!
The up close and personel image
and now for the not so up close and personal image:

Well I was really rather proud of this last night considering it is the first cakes I have ever gone on a decoration spree with, I got the recipe over at Chocolate and Zucchini Gateau au yaourt a la framboise

And I made a few additions to it:

*Took her idea of slicing it in half, at which point I spread Trader Joe's Raspberry fruit spread mixed with about a table spoon of Trader Joe's Framboise heated it up a little, and then spread it on the inside. I then sprinkled slivered almonds on tip of the mixture.

*Re-assembled the cake, sifted powdered sugar on to the top, sprinkled toasted almonds on to it, and then put the rest of my left over raspberries on top.

Overall I am incredibly proud of how it came out.


Rita said...

Very nice cake! it looks so yummy! awwe, I miss your baking so much. It's been ages since we've hung out.

Jennifer said...

I miss you too Rita and glad you like the cake picture.

Mary said...

awesome cake! well done, brava!

Elizabeth said...

Looks so yummy I may have to start a stake out outside your kitchen window and when you're not looking I'll kidnap whatever yummy you will have just made.