Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well I was out with a friend today and I had suddenly a craving for the french provencal eggplant dip catoun (strangely enough I can find nothing on google for it). I had made it about five years ago based on recipe on the back of Vincent Van Gogh card that suggested provencal picnic foods ( I am now kicking myself for having used all the cards up). I served it at very fun tea party and I really liked it and in general had an agreement amongst guests that is was pretty good. Still I have made it since till today. Well I found the recipe card I had made for it and found in my usual over egotistical reliance on my memory/laziness that I had left out a lot of details still the recipe came out well so here it is:
small eggplant
fresh garlic
olive oil
italian parsley
salt and pepper
-Roast eggplant over fire or in oven until charred and wrinkled (I pierced mine a few times with a fork).
-Peel eggplant and place pulp in bowl (I placed mine in the food processor).
-Mix with garlic*, parsley**, and olive oil*** (I food processed mine to creamy smooth consistancy)
-Add salt and pepper to taste
Put it in serving bowl, drizzled it with more olive oil, another grind of pepper, and a sprinkle of salt. I then dunked in toasted Kalamata olive bread. I am right day dreaming of it slathered on a pita bread with hummus, roasted bell peppers, and cucumbers.
*I used two cloves roughly chopped; next time just one clove
**I used a handful of parsley which probabley equals 1/4 cup
***I drizzled in the olive oil to my desired consistancy.


Mary said...

The eggplant dip sound really familiar. You're talking about the tea party where you, Shelly, Rita and I dressed up right? If that's the party, I definitely remember that yummy eggplant dip!

Jennifer said...

Yup, that's the one.

Shelly said...

I THOUGHT that sounded familiar! How the hell are you? I really like your website. It's so cute =) You should make a cooking show. Remember all our experiments with cooking and video? I remember melted jolly ranchers and something that smelled of skunk. I miss you, and Mary and Rita too!

Rita said...

SHELLY!?! You're ALIVE!?? hehehe, just kidding.

I loved that tea party...that was one of the last times we were all together, before college. It was really nice. yeah jenn! you should definately get your own cooking show.