Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It might be a bit rickety here for awhile

Well spring is finally here in the Livermore Valley and in reality it is quickly becoming summer, in fact I am going to go into rant right now and say mother nature screwed me over and I didn't actually get a spring but rather it jumped from winter to summer. I like that nice middle area in spring where it is the 70's and the change in the light of day that is gradual. Where as the change in light was stormy darkness at 4 in the afternoon to it's bright and sunny at 6 in the evening. But off the rant because I really am happy to see my old enemy/friend the sun (I'm rather on the pale side and skin cancer runs in the family so I have a love/hate relationship with sun).
So what is on the creative menu coming up:
Minted Earl Grey Sorbet
My attempt at Saffron Ice Cream
Reviews of Tea

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Anonymous said...

Think of what the sun does for the vineyards in Livermore Valley.. I expect you will be experimenting with the lucious splendor of sunkissed grape dishes and the many possible condiments as summer becomes autumn...:)

I love the varied tastes you are experimenting with.. you would be fun to cook with in the kitchen.. or perhaps travel with to visit the roots of the spices and tastes of many regions..