Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Summer Slump and Moving

No, I have not stopped thinking about scent. Unfortunately, I have hit the summer slump. For me the summer slump is simply it is too hot for the perfumes I find really interesting and it has been summer here in the Bay Area for awhile. Currently I am reassessing my collection and trying to find fresh scents I find compelling for my wardrobe.

Also on the table has been the fact I have recently moved and currently we are settling down so my perfumes are all over the place in boxes and of course are not necessarily the high priority as much as finding our coffee mugs.

So right now trying to figure out what would make me happy in a summer scent.


marzipan said...

Nice to see you back! Pretty soon I will be off work which means off line .
I know what you mean about summer....I am less inclined to wear fragrance for both the heat factor and the fact that I am not at work every day....I try to find other ways to scent my body (like organic virgin coconut oil which I use as a moisturizer and it smells fantastic!). Also, I gravitate towards more lighter citrus scents. The Perfume Shrine recommended this lemon cologne from Turkey which I purchased on amazon (a gigantic bottle, I believe over thirty two ounces, for under twenty dollars). When I add my own essential oil blends to this it turns into a nice longer lasting fragrance...similar to 4711 but with better longevity....and, finally, the Pacifica line is great for summer fragrances.
Hope you have a great summer! It has been fun discovering your blog :)

Jennifer Koth said...

Marzipan, What is the lemon cologne from Greece? I use coconut oil for shaving and my homemade deodorant otherwise I have found it to be heavy for my skin type.

Pacifica has made good stuff but recently I think they have been reformulating and I have not liked the reformulations plus they have been focused on makeup.

marzipan said...

Gosh....I can't remember the exact name of it and the bottle is currently in my basement at home...but Perfume Shrine did a post on it several summers ago along with a link (I believe to Amazon which is where I bought it).
I agree....several of the Pacificas have been re-formulated and don't smell as good...but I have some older bottles so I am set....and yes, they are moving away from the lovely perfumes and candles and concentrating more on the makeup and skincare....

marzipan said...


I found it...Pereja Lemon Cologne....750 mls for slightly over sixteen dollars!

Jennifer Koth said...

Thank you for the link :-).