Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Serenity and Spring and Tackling A Classic: Climat by Lancome

It took me about 8 years to appreciate this scent and yet yesterday I had one of those total zen moments when your perfume is exactly what you need for the day and matches the beauty you see in the day. This does not happen often. Climat, I finally get you. I couldn't get you in my mid-twenties and maybe I needed a terrible drought to appreciate you but damn yesterday you were the perfect embodiment of what my heart needed to get through the day.

Climat is an example of family of perfumes that has taken me a very long time to appreciate, a green floral emphasized with aldehydes. This scent smells classic and it is very classic in the sense that it has no sweetness. Climat probably works for me because it does not feature the signature green note that most green perfumes use: galbanum. Yet, there is no mistaking Climat for being anything else than a green floral scent.

Climat is stepping into a cool green spring forest. There are lush green hills, a creek in the background, cool dark damp earth, and lily of the valley and narcissus blooming. Below all that is a warm civet accented musk, on me this is all very clean and warm, but for others I can see this is either where the scent plays nice on you or becomes something else. The beginning of Climat is aldehydes, thankfully not too pungent or nose searing, in fact they are fairly gentle. You then enter a perfect melange of woods, narcissus, and lily of the valley. This melange stays around for quite awhile with the florals slowly leaving, what then enters the dry down is a mossy mix of musk and woods with a good dose of vetiver. It is an incredibly clean and earthy scent, I want to say soapy, but this is not the traditional soapy, this violet earthy soapy, there is a very mineral like quality to the dry down which I attribute to the mix of earthy and clean.

The variation of Climat I am reviewing today is from Lancome's La Collection release from my understanding there is a great deal of variation in the releases of Climat so try with caution. This one is by many considered the best of the recent releases because it is especially close to the original offering.

Try Climat if you like Trefle Pur by Atelier Cologne, Balenciaga Paris by Balenciaga, or Au Dela - Narcisse des Montagnes by Bruno Fazolarri (I actually have a theory that Climat Inspired this scent).

First image from Fragrantica.com
Second image 'Dreaming of Pomegranates' by Felice Casorati


Marzipan said...

I just love it when I revisit a perfume I thought I did not like but then have that epiphanous moment (has not yet occured with Mitsouko, which everyone rants about but I just don't "love").
I have worn many of the classics/vintage/discontinued in their original formulations but I never got around to trying Climat. From your description it sounds lovely.

Jennifer Koth said...

Sigh, Mitsouko is a scent that does not work on me either, but then again Guerlain and I have a very test relationship.

Undina said...

Climat is my most favorite perfume of all times. And yes, it changed over time but that La Collection version is good - as good as it could be recreated with all the modern day limitations - materials costs, IFRA, etc.

Since you like comparing perfumes (I'm talking about your Nearly a Dupe List), you might be curious to read the results of the experiment that involved Climat - http://undina.com/2012/03/05/deja-vu-e2-huge-floral-vs-abstract-floral/ ).

Jennifer Koth said...

Okay, that is fascinating. Hah, I have yet to try an Amouage scent but find it very interesting that you found that smell-a-like quality happening and you had so many others confirm it. I am always intrigued when niche takes on a very similar scent and then slaps on a ridiculous price tag.