Thursday, July 03, 2014

Pop Culture Fun: Virginia Johnson of Masters of Sex

Can we talk about how good Masters of Sex is? I just spent the last week splurging in the first season of the show and now currently have the wonderful theme song stuck in my head. Of course as I watched I immediately began to think what perfume would Virginia Johnson? The first thing that popped into my mind was Tabu, but that seemed to on the nose, and here is the thing while consistently shows Virginia to be sexually forward, I thought Tabu was too brash. I then thought about Shalimar, but to me it is overused, and has a sweetness to it that doesn't quite fit Virginia, there is definite iron in her. So what other iconic sensual scent would fit Virginia and her time period? Finally, it hit me and seemed utterly obvious Femme by Rochas, that superb sexy chypre. I know what you are thinking? Jen, what about Mitsouko? Well, frankly Mitsouko like so many Guerlains has never quite worked for me.

Femme fits perfectly because it is obviously sensual but for all of that sensuality there is a complicated intelligence to it that requires appreciation. I think it fits Virginia because she straddles this line of knowing her sensuality and knowing others will judge her for it but she refuses to apologize for it and then she has the amazing combination of intelligence at the emotional level and the intellectual level. The use of plum, peach, and spices in Femme is the obvious warm mature sensualness but the oakmoss and leather speak of a sharp mind.  Femme is not a bombshell rather it is the co-existence adult desires with the mind always intellectually expanding.

And here is the great intro (I had to share the music).

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