Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Fragrance Season is About to Begin!

Let us all just say now the perfume industry is ubiquitous now and come fall like the film industry and publishing industry, the perfume industry saves its more interesting scents and big launches for that season*. Fall will soon be here (Well in name only really in California until late November) but there are some launches I am really excited to sniff. So here are the ones I am excited to sniff.

Elie Saab Essence No.1 Rose. Reason: I love the first fragrance from Elie Saab also Turkish and Damask Rose.
 Reason: The use of coffee notes.
 Reason: rum, leather, and tuberose.
 Knot by Bottega Veneta. Reason: Lavender and citrus blossoms.
 Reason: almond!
 Reason: I love the name and it is always exciting when Serge puts something out.
 Reason: Orange Blossom!
 Reason: Narciso! Plus the bottle.
Reason: Salt, iris, ambergris, and sandalwood.

Any scents you are excited about that are coming out?

*There are always interesting exceptions too.

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