Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The un-shy violet: Balenciaga Paris

Balenciaga Paris is what I imagine a Vogue photoshoot would be centered around the idea of Parisian business woman. She is urbane, chic, but still remembers her bohemian roots. She is not about exuding sexiness but rather she wants others to know she is unique.

It starts off with raspberry leaf and then quickly transforms into violet that is supported by a tangy green note that just hints at anise,  this is my favorite stage, but sadly the shortest on me. The middle stage is all about cool mossy powdered skin it lasts for awhile before it segways into a nutty mossy woods with hints of powder that is pretty prevalent these days.  I think I would love Balenciaga Paris if it did not end on those rather prevalent base notes. It is definitely one of the most interesting mainstream fragrances to be released in years in that offers a scent that has nothing to do with seduction not that it could not be seductive but rather it is all about personality with confidence and ease.

image "The Casserole" by Victor Ngai 

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