Saturday, April 26, 2008

Osmanthus, the love continutes: Kyoto by Tocca and tea experiment

My love of osmanthus continues, it is officially a part of my top 5 favorite scents. So I continue to try and find new ways to scent my life with osmanthus; it is a flower worthy of more adoration than it gets.
A little while ago I made a list of products featuring osmanthus, one of those was Tocca's Kyoto candle, well for while I had been carrying around gift cards for Sephora and I decided to see if they carried Tocca's Kyoto, I immediately bought up the candelina (which is bit on the expensive side) with the gift cards. Well I am here to say the raves for Tocca are correct, yes they are expensive, but the little candelina has amazing throw and lasts quite a while, but I admit I going through it fast because the scent is absolutely gorgeous.
Tocca on it's blurb says Kyoto is inspired by osmanthus during autumn* at Japanese temples when they bloom. The scent is lovely and soothing, I would love to catch the scent of it on a breeze. Tocca's interpretation is heavy on the apricot note, supported by cream and aquatic background, in general I hate aquatic qualities, but this works perfectly. Imagine fragrant flowers plunged in icy cold water, the effect is soothing and refreshing, and never goes into fake sea breezes or calone zone. This is a perfect gift for an osmanthus lover and I highly recommend it.

In my love of osmanthus a while I ago I bought a packet of dried osmanthus flowers for culinary use, today I finally did what I had always intended to do with little dried fragrant orange flowers, I mixed it with my Peet's Ti Kwan Yin Oolong tea, the combo is lovely bringing out the floral, fruit, and leather notes featured in both the tea and flowers. Now if only someone would make me a fragrance of it. Seriously at this point if I get rich my dream is perfect bespoke fragrance of Osmanthus. I think I will be dreaming for a long time.

*I love the fact that this flower blooms in Autumn, because I an Autumn baby, and it ridiculously makes me feel a little more symbolically connected to this opalescent fragranced flower.
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