Sunday, April 06, 2008

List: Foods I Love

I love making lists so I thought I would put one up of my favorite foods:
1. Kimchi- Fermented Cabbage and spices, who thought this would be the sort of love where I am tempted to eat the whole jar, actually I highly recommend this to spicy pickle lovers.
2. Apple Cake- I love all sorts of varieties, laced with spices or surrounded by a lovely butter batter, I will eat apple cake, comfort at one of its bests.
3. Chicharrones- yes it is deep fried pork skin! And it is so awesomely good! Eat these in a fresh corn tortilla with the simplest guacamole, and fresh salsa and well it is a form of heaven. It you love bacon try this.
4. Lentil soup- I have yet to meet a variation of this that I do not love. A comfort dish once again.
5. Bacon- I drool at the thought of this. Bacon is the ambrosia of meat. I want sainthood for the creator of this awesome cured meat.
6. Chile Rellenos- I don't know where to begin other than it can be one of the finest vegetarian dishes out there, but there are many variations. What must be understood is the magic is in a properly roasted chile, bright tangy spicy sauce, the right melting cheese, and the perfect light fluffy batter.
7. corn tortillas/corn chips- Fresh corn tortillas are an eye opener and a really sublime experience in how simplicity can be so good. Corn chips eat these with salsa and try to stop yourself, also for the ultimate experience chilaquiles or nachos.
8. Raspberry sorbet- the best way to show off the perfect flavor of raspberries.
9. Apricot preserves (homemade)- summer sunshine in a jar.
10. Smoked- If it has been smoked I will most likely try it. I love smoky flavor.
11. Fresh mozzerella- chewy, almost buttery, and so cool to the tongue.
12. Corsican omelette- I never knew the combination of fresh mint, chevre, and eggs could be so perfect until I ate this.
13. chocolate- it is called the food of the gods for good reason.
14. assam tea with a splash of tea- my breakfast drink of choice, morning wake-up is not complete until I have a cup.
15. pho- the reason for aromatics.
16. Greek Yogurt- to the yogurt haters out there, try Greek Yogurt and realize what a fool you are.
17. potatos- starchy goodness.
18. summer strawberries- get a basket from your farmer's market or side of the road stand, sit in a park by yourself, and eat every single edible ruby. Then try to remember all the bad things happening is very hard to do.
19. food made with thought- it just makes you feel good.
20. fava- the best way to show off why there should be more love for the split pea.
21. Black Beans- I think it is one of the wonders of nature.
22. spices- life just wouldn't be right without them.
23. chiles- I thank my father every time I eat chile and appreciate them, he always encouraged me as a child to eat spicy food. ditto on the bacon.
I have so many more but I am stopping here.

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