Friday, March 30, 2007

Trader Joe's is coming to Livermore!

Living in Livermore, can basically be like living in a small town, ironically we are a city actually, and have quite a large layout. Yet, some how we contain the atmosphere of a small town (sometimes good, other times aggravating). For years we have fought to bring in a Trader Joe's (I know I would be so much cooler to say we fought to have an organic co-op, this is a close as we are going to get to that considering at one point Livermore contemplated putting in a Super Walmart even though we already have a Walmart and they would have been scarily near each other). So much to my excitement Trader Joe's in Livermore will be opening today, I will no longer have to go to Pleasanton and deal with death wielding black hole that they call a parking lot. In truth this is scarily going to be one of the high points of the day. And I will be one of those dorks there today.

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