Wednesday, December 30, 2015

End of the Year Fragrance Thoughts and Ideas for 2016

2015 was is/was a giant year for me. The first quarter of the year had some serious family issues that at times intensely broke my heart. All of this in the whirlwind of completing my certificate program. The second quarter of the year was the experience of moving in with my fiancee (boyfriend at the time) while continuing the manic pace of my certificate program. The third and fourth quarter of the year was a blur of school, disastrous internship issue that then left me scrambling to find another internship to complete before graduation this December, and the wonderful and intense elation of getting engaged. This year was intensely heady mix of what felt like extreme ups and downs. Somehow I kept this blog going which for me is pretty good :-).

Looking back at my perfume blogging aspirations for the year I did pretty much what I wanted to do. I kept blogging, I focused on California perfumers, and I felt like got to do some fun posts. Did I post every week, nope, but lets be honest I simply did not have the time, nor do I think I ever will have that time or focus to do so.

As I think about the year ahead I realize I will probably do more thematic post series. I love them, I love finding the interconnected-ness of perfumes. I deeply enjoy focusing on a single note and smelling the many variations and interpretations that can be found in perfume when using it. I think I would like to explore more Etsy perfumers, so if you have any suggestions for this please post below. I will probably continue my exploration of California perfumers. I want to continue finding gems that have flown under the radar. Also, I want to explore more notes. I think I may have finally done enough rose sniffing for awhile. I am going to continue to search for a new everyday musk perfume considering my bottle of Egyptian Goddess went bad and I don't want to repeat it.

I hope everyone is ending the year in a better place than where they started at the beginning of 2015, I know for once I am. If you are not I hope soon everything will calm down enough to give you some breathing space and clarity. Best wishes for the New Year, Jen.

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Undina said...

Have a wonderful 2016 - perfume- and otherwise!

Jennifer Koth said...

Thank you Undina! You too! :-)

Mlle Ghoul said...

Hello, hello! I lost track of you there for a while, I suppose 2015 was a strange year for me, as well. I hope to get it all sorted out in 2016,though. Perhaps that is a lofty goal. Maybe I will settle for getting some of it sorted out, ha!

In any event, I recall that I was going to send you some samples of BPAL's OLLA collection...which I never did. Is that something you might still like to try? Sorry for flaking out on you!

Here's to a much more "with it" 2016!

Jennifer Koth said...

Mlle Ghoul, That would be lovely! I have a few scents that I think would be up your alley too! Great to hear from you again.

No problem on the flaking out. 2015 was a year worthy of flaking.

Just read your post for summer scents and loved seeing Coriandre featured on the list :-).

Mlle Ghoul said...

YES. I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to Coriandre. It has become one of my all-time favorites!

Jennifer Koth said...

It makes me so happy when my recommendations work out!

marzipan said...

Happy new Year, Jennifer!

Looking forward to your thematic posts!
On the subject of soap, California indies and musk I highly recommend Inland I am wearing their Egyptian Musk oil ( five dollars for half ounce) and their soaps are phenomenal as well as naturally made...their tangerine lip balm smells so amazing (made from real essential tangerine oil and 100% natural) and is also ridiculously affordable (two dollars!)

and congratulations on your engagement!

Jennifer Koth said...

Happy New Year Marzipan!

I'll definitely have to look into Inland Fog :-).

And thank you!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Keep up your awesome blog. Which subject did you study a certificate for?

Jennifer Koth said...

Hi Neyon, I got a paralegal certificate.