Saturday, September 19, 2009

My new tobacco addiction (don't worry I'm not smoking)

When I was a kid my Dad smoked cigarettes; to this day the scent of cigarette smoke makes me nauseous. So imagine my surprise when I found out I have a rather growing love for the scent of tobacco. The love for it began with Fifi Chachnil (this still has one of the more delightful unique uses for tobacco out there), I then went on to try and smell it in Chergui (for some reason this smells mainly of sweet honey on me), followed by Fumerie Turque which has a wonderful smokiness going on a hint of tobacco and eventual dry down creamy leather on me. Finally what I consider almost a soliflore for tobacco, Hilde Soliani's Bell'Antonia, tobacco and coffee deliciously blended into something utterly nuzzle worthy. I then received a decant of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, which starts out with a pungent wet tobacco note laden with cloves and drys down to a delicious honey vanilla cream on me. Yet, it turns out my love for the scent of tobacco really didn't just begin last year, I like to think it might actually be something I have been growing with for a very long time. The beginner scent being Lolita Lempicka, yes thats right there is a tobacco note in there, so lovely and delicate in its use you might pass it by but it is there, then there was the scent that made me cross the gender aisles of perfumery, Guerlain's Vetiver, the tobacco pronounced beautifully in the dry down. Finally about three years ago my love for Must de Cartier which I swear has a tobacco note.

Another realization, I like my tobacco notes combined with sweeter things. My birthday is coming up and I have decided to kill two birds with one stone this year for my birthday fragrance, I want to find a good tobacco scent with vanilla. So I have gathered a list for things I wish to sample:

Back To Black by Killian
Doolciiisssimo by Hilde Soliani
Field Notes From Paris by Ineke
Havana Vanille by L'Artisan
Tobacco by Odori
Tobacco and Tulle by Soivohle
Tobacco Caramel by Fresh
Vanillaville by Soivohle
Vintage Tobacco Vanille by Voluspa

Should you know any other great tobacco vanilla scents please do tell.

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image: Cow's Skull with Calico Roses by Georgia O'Keefe


Aparatchick said...

Field notes from Paris and Havana Vanile are on my must-sample list too. Have you sampled Sonoma Scent Studio's Tabac Aurea?

Jenavira13 said...

Hi Aparatchick,
I have tried SSS Tabac Aurea and strangely I ended up getting no tobacco, it rather smelled like a more intense version of DK Black Cashmere on me.

Rose said...

I think everyone is getting more interested in tabacco notes as fewer people are smoking- which I think is interesting (I don't smoke by the way!).

I STILL haven't tried the L'artisan, I am being very slack on keeping up with new scents.

Jenavira13 said...

Good point about fewer people smoking. As for the new L'Artisan they are keeping that one under tight wraps, doesn't come out until October here in the states.

ScentScelf said...

Mmm-hmm, I am in a similar boat when it comes to tobacco. Can you say CAR SICK as a kid, with parents smoking their way through the tension of a long car trip? Headaches all the time...never liked it in the house.

So why should I like it in a perfume, now? I think yes, as Rose notes, it is so rare to find it in public these days, that it can safely resound as nostalgic without carrying a threat of impending physical effects.

I've got L'A Havane Vanille on my list, too. I do enjoy PG Bois Blond for a hay-tobacco thing that's sweet-ish, but not with vanilla, more like honey, definitely vegetal sweet. SSS Tabac Aurea actually works quite nicely on me.

Jenavira13 said...

I wish Tabac Aurea worked on me, I find I have a hard time with Lori's wood based creations for some reason they always smell like Black Cashmere on me. But her florals stuff works wonderfully, I still need to get Lieu de Reves.

I agree on the whole taboo thing about tobacco. Although, funny its not the cigarette smoke we crave but the unlit cigar/pipe tobacco which I admit I've never really had any experience with.

Jeannie said...

Oooh, I still love Molinard's Habanita. It's a wonderfully unique take on vanilla and tobacco. I do not recall the other ingredients, but it is a classic. You can still find it online.

Love Molinard's line.


Marzipan said...

I was also going to suggest Tabac Aurea but I see that someone else beat me to it! I happen to love so many of Laurie Erickson's creations. Same for Ineke-I own full bottles of Field Notes and Evening Edged in Gold (my favourite leather or rather only leather!)

Jennifer Koth said...

Hi Jeannie, Oh how I wish Habanita worked on me. At least the one time I tried it was very not good and left me rather sad because I really wanted to get the magnificence that everyone else gets.

Jennifer Koth said...

Marzipan, I think we must have opposite tobacco skin :-), your's seem to be the ones that don't work on me. I have to ask have you tried Serge Luten's Daim Blond? I think you would like it if you like Evening Edged In Gold.