Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scent of the Day: Chanel 5 pure parfum and I'm back

So I am finally back after going to France and having to deal with heinous computer problems (both internet and computer related at the same time, very hard to troubleshoot the problem). Today I am choosing to go aldehydic with Chanel 5 in pure parfum, I am always amazed at how much vetiver I get in the concentration.
The above illustration is provided by, which recently just posted these awesome illustrations by Felix Lorioux. Apparently at one time Walt Disney was going to hire, but then decided he wanted all his illustrators to be in-house, what a loss. Anyway's I am hoping that the ASIFA will post Lorioux's illustrations of fairytales by Perrault (you know Puss'n'boots) and as many of you know I love fairytales. The encourage the posting of the fairytales please leave a comment here:


Divina said...

Welcome back sweet girl :) How was France, did you get to do any sniffing while there? Any discoveries we should know about?

Jenavira13 said...

Hey Divina! :) Well I didn't do nearly as much sniffing as I had hoped, but I did take a lot of stuff I had wished to sniff off my list. Truth be told the trip was mainly about family. I did turn one of my Aunt's on to Narciso Rodriguez (I plan getting her a mini of this as a thank you present). As for myself well, I ended up getting a case of the stomach flu, which turned me off of a lot of the scents for quite a few days, but eventually, and this shocked me considering I dismissed it awhile back, I found myself rather under the gentle gossamer spell of Prada's Infusion d'Iris (which has really gorgeous packaging), I also came hope with sample of L'Artisan Dzing and Safran Troubalant and Carons Pour Homme.

Divina said...

Wonderful choices! I love Infusion d'Iris and what *really* surprises me is how longlasting it is.