Thursday, December 06, 2007

Finally Something Falls Through and Thoughts On Edible Babies

So as some of you basically over the last month and a half I have been trying to find a studio and in this highly competitive market for rentals and my lack of renting history it has well been one long and bitter journey. But I can now officially I have a place I admit going in on Monday to go see it I was pretty much positive that it would not amount to anything. But lo and behold I ended up getting a little place; I admit the gas stove really got me.

And now on to edible babies (and no I am not a cannible):

So a co-worker the other day brought in her granddaughter, who well is the definition of the edible baby, so damn cute that you want to eat it up. You will find yourself saying "you have such yummy feetsies". And this is coming from not a baby person. Now most often I suffer edible baby animal syndrome (although as most know this goes on into the adulthood of your pet, because damnit pets are the babies of the family), most common wanting to nibble on little years and well loving little kitten paws.

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