Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Should You Find Yourself With Fruit Trees and The Preserving Need

For the last few years I have told myself I would preserve the lush fruit that comes every summer from our bountiful fruit trees. The closest I had come to this was this last winters lemon curd and cranberry curd experiment that went really well. Finally this summer though I have actually made preserves. I made apricot preserves and cinnamon plum preserves. What was shocking was just how easy it was. We still have a ton plums so next I want to try a vanilla plum preserve and well other variations. Hmm, maybe I can find a chutney recipe with plums. The recipe I used was from one of my new favorite blogs Just Hungry at I highly recommend you use the almond pit option. As for me I can't stop marveling at the gorgeous golden orange jars I have waiting to be eaten. My favorite way to enjoy apricot preserves being in an apricot almond butter sandwich on dark whole wheat bread. I need to go get almond butter.


helg said...

Oh, those sound delectable.
Preserves are easy to make but very hard to resist!

Enjoy those you made, I bet they're great.

Jenavira13 said...

I've already gone through one of my jars of apricot preserves, along with half way through my strawberry preserves. Both excellent on greek yogurt.

helg said...

Yeah, baby, I bet they are!!