Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pre de Provence Ananas Soap Review

When ever I am in the middle of a season I always begin to yearn for all the things opposite of it (no matter how much I love that season). A few months ago I stopped in at my local Pure Beauty and found something that has made me me want to do something no sane person should have the desire to do: eat my own soap. The soap is Pre de Provence Ananas(pineapple) and never would I have expected myself to fall in love in with pineapple soap. I am not someone who in general likes fruity scents, but this one caught me off guard, because it actually smells like the most perfectly ripe pineapple, not canned, but the fresh astrigent sweet floral green scent of pineapple. This fragrant soap has entranced me, I have bought another bar, I have given it as gifts in guest soap form, and it has sent me on a quest to find a pineapple fragrance to wear and candle. I could not recommend this soap more. It is not overly drying (made with shea butter) and has a gorgeous foaming quality.

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