Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ambiance...Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle

Amber is one of the most beautiful fragrances out there and can come in many varietal interpretations: Anne Pliska is an orange tinged aldehydic wonder relying very much on sweeter pungent variety of amber. Today is a look at Voluspa's Baltic Amber candle which takes a beautiful journey through amber. At first the scent of Baltic Amber is creamy, just a tinge of coconut, but underneath it lies a beautiful hint of fir needles never letting it become sickeningly sweet. As the candle burns longer a tinge of cherry tinged smoke starts to come through the creaminess. The fragrance progresses to smoky wood soaked amber scent yet never hits a single rough edge with the creamy use of the vanilla. The candle burns clear and long, although it could be wished that the candle had better throwing power in scent, yet the scent that is there is utterly gorgeous for an interpretation of amber. It adds the ambiance of a perfect cool autumn in the mountains with smoke and mist intertwining. I definately recommend this to those that love the scent of amber. I think this scent would be greatly appreciated by those that enjoy Luctor et Emergo People of the Labyrinths fragrace. And yes I am deeply hankering to get the room spray. You can find Voluspa's Baltic Amber fragrance at

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