Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A curse on my kitchen

Alright, so not necessarily a curse, but none this less feels slightly curse like. A few years ago I got an ice cream maker and sadly let it sit around for about without use, finally this year I got the gall to use it, I have made four things in it, and it just broke in the middle of making Minted Earl Grey sorbet, luckly the sorbet is done, but I am none the less in need now of a an ice-cream maker. So I'm on the prowl for one. As for things I have made the last few weeks
*Milk and Honey Lavender Sorbet which can be found here:
Milk and Honey Lavender sorbet
I brought this to a barbecue and served it with Lolliaberrys which had been macerating in framboise and sugar. Went over well.
*I made Zucchine and Chocolate's Strawberry Clafoutis, which can be found here:
Strawberry Clafoutis
Mine wasn't nearly as pretty because I used ground unblanched almond flour, but not the less this was delicious and incredibly comforting. A gentle dessert. Yum
*A disaster that happened:
Lebanese Mdardara
It sounded good, but somewhere along the line I didn't one of my worst burn disasters on the stove, this is second only to the time my popcorn caught on fire, or my disaster with over nachoes (these would have been fine if I hadn't forgotten about them). I think the measurements for this recipe may be wrong. I'm going to email Curiosity Killed The Cook and find out. Otherwise I love her blog.
*I'm trying my hand at Liquors with this:
sweet prserved lemons
I have the luck to have an extremely fecund lemond tree and have been wanting to try my hand at liquor making, this hopefully will be wonderful.
And that so far is what is going on.

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